• To dispel darkness and backwardness from people of this
  • To bring in all-round development of the students of this college



  • To administer academic programmes rigorously
  • To stress that education is for enlightenment
  • To make this institution a centre of educational excellence
  • To meet the national objectives of higher education, namely Equity, Efficiency and Excellence (3 E’s)


    • To inculcate the spirit of patriotism, national integration and self-reliance in studsents.
    • To take up extension activities with special emphasis on rural development
    • To provide academic and employment guidance to the students
    • To create conducive atmosphere in college premises for effective learning
    • To see that the students complete their graduation with the required employable skills
    • To mould the students into responsible citizens
    • To motivate the students to make good use of the infrastructural facilities available in the college


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